Can I hook in my reader?

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Today we wrote exciting ways to start our sentences.  We wanted to hook our readers into our diary entries. Here are a few examples.

Use an adverb
Quickly, I ran down the stairs. (Heida)
Swiftly, the while and black bird flew past me. (Nathan)

Using a fronted adverbial to show time
Early in the morning, the two sisters were peeking over the grumpy old man’s fence. (Esther)

Using a verb – ‘ing’
Gossiping and laughing, the children talked. (Heida)
Limping and stumbling, Joseph had tripped over a hard rock. (Nathan)

Using a feeling (fronted adverbial)
Enthusiastically, I skipped to school. (Esther)
Joyfully, I won a football match with my friends. (Gabriele)
Wildly, Mr Miller scored an open goal however he had a yellow card as he wrestled a player. (Matt)

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