Victorian toys

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  1.   Alexandra , Andrea Says:

    Heida and Alexandra were building a little village of wooden buildings from Victorian time . There was a magnet fishing game also the outdoor toys for example skipping rope, yoyo’s and the kailedascope.


  2.   Macy and Charlie Says:

    Playing with the Victorian toys was so fun and very interesting to see what the Victorians used at school and at home, but the rich had the expensive toys whilst the poor had only little money to buy the low priced toys.


  3.   Erin Gabriel Says:

    In victorian day we dressed up as Victorians and we played with toys.


  4.   Emmanuel and Reece Says:

    Playing with the Victorian toys was very interesting. We played football and cricket and bowling, furthermore yo-yos, spinners and pick up sticks!


  5.   Matt and Codey Says:

    When we played with the Victorian toys, most of us played with a yo yo and it was really fun. Also there was other toys inside and outside.


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